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LONDON DUSK - FREE - Celebrating 1 Month Book Birthday!

LONDON DUSK – FREE – Celebrating 1 Month Book Birthday!

London Dusk Promo Kindle

Hi everyone!

London Dusk is free for a limited time in celebration of its release a month ago. So if you want to read this little novella that has so far been garnering 4 and 5 star reviews – now is the time to get your hand on it!


AND – if you really want to – I would appreciate you all spreading the word! Also – keep your eyes peeled on…

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A small delay…

A small delay…

Hi everyone,

SMALL London Dusk - Leigh K. Hunt_Final CoverI would like to apologise, but the release of London Dusk is going to have a small delay! I’m now expecting release London Dusk out to my newsletter subscribers to be the 15th of July, and out to Amazon around the 20th of July. (You can sign up here: Leigh K. Hunt – Author Newsletter)

Why, you may ask? Well – a fairly significant family member is undergoing surgery next week to…

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Exciting news!

I have been in a whirlwind of activity, between editing, cover design, and more edits! Releasing two book in July is hectic!


First of all – LONDON DUSK! After a round of beta-reading, it’s just about to hit the Editor’s desk!

Here’s the cover for the novella, and here is a blurb. I’m sorry it’s a little rough and not quite finalised yet – but you’ll just have to bear with me:

McKenna Carmichael…

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First up, I would like to sincerely apologise for the serious lack of blogging lately. Life has got away on me, and I’ve hardly had time to even shower, let alone blog… however, I’m going to be better.

I’ve been busy writing a new story, London Dusk – the story before Tijuana Nights, of Mack, and how she managed to get into so much trouble and team up with a group of professional assassins. My…

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T is for Tijuana Nights Cover Reveal!

T is for Tijuana Nights Cover Reveal!

cover reveal banner

I was going to wait to reveal the cover – but I just kinda couldn’t. Once I realised I was up to T on the A-Z Blog Challenge,

It’s been confirmed that the release date is the end of July (most likely the 27th). I’m so super excited about it! I really am. I’m also going to start up a newsletter in the very near future (hopefully this weekend) so everyone who wants to sign up can :-)

So… Here’s the…

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S is for Swanky Swag Branding Stuff

S is for Swanky Swag Branding Stuff


I know many many authors out there who will do just about anything for their readers. Of course, you have to, right? You need to treasure those people who love your work.


A good friend of mine– she has a good handful of books out – and with every single book release, she sources jewelry to send out to a few lucky readers with a copy of her book. I totally love this idea. I really do. As her…

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